who wore it best?


In case you haven’t noticed, which you haven’t, because from what I can tell, you don’t notice anything ever, we are not very functional when we’re high.

You’re welcome.

I’m practically an Avenger.

A Walk Through Hell
by Say Anything + 24,715 plays

My soul is useless without you

Sleep All Summer (Crooked Fingers cover)
by The National & St. Vincent + 2,249 plays


we take our empty hearts and fill them up with broken things 
to hang on humming wire like cheap lamps down a dead end street 
close your weary eyes 
and every time we turn away 
it hits me like a tidal wave 
I would change for you but baby it doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a better man 
give the ocean what I took from you so one day you can find it in the sand 
and hold it in your hands again 
cold ways kill cool lovers 
strange ways we use each other 
why won’t you fall back in love with me 
there ain’t no way we’re gonna find another 
the way we sleep all summer 
so why won’t you fall back in love with me?

The National & St. Vincent - Sleep All Summer 

It’s weird looking at my cars next to each other. My babies ❤️❤️❤️it was a good run, Fiesta. Won’t miss ya too much!


*breaks into j k rowling’s house in the middle of the night* no it’s okay i’m not here to steal anything i just think we need to talk about harry naming one of his kids after snape